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Togian Islands (Sulawesi) | On The Beach | Price upon request*
Located on Kadidiri in the heart of the hidden paradise that is the Togian Islands, this resort offers the ideal setting for the best of tropical diving. It's excellent value for money too.
Lembeh Strait (Sulawesi) | On The Beach | Price upon request*
Black Sand Dive Retreat is a small 6-bungalow, quality dive resort located on a sheltered bay in a natural setting on Lembeh Strait, Indonesia's Exotic Critter Capital.
Manado / Bunaken (Sulawesi) | On The Beach | Price upon request*
Situatated on the quite eastern part of Bunaken island itself is the small and intimate Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort, which accommodates a maximum of 12 guests
Lembeh Strait (Sulawesi) | On The Beach | Price upon request*
Dabirahe Resort & Spa (formerly the Lembeh Hills Resort) is a luxurious, eco-boutique resort located on the hillside overlooking the world famous Lembeh Strait, renowned for its world class "muck" diving, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Lembeh Strait (Sulawesi) | On The Beach | Price upon request*
Divers Lodge Lembeh is situated on the south west tip of Lembeh Island, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. There are no roads on the Island. There are some villages and settlements, but none in the immediate vicinity of the resort.
Bangka Sea (Sulawesi) | On The Beach | From £164*
Gangga Island Resort & Spa, located on the tip of a small island near Manado in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, consists of fifteen wooden bungalows built on stilts with high ceilings and a spacious veranda overlooking a pristine white sand beach. For bot
Togian Islands (Sulawesi) | On The Beach | From £21*
Island Retreat is located at Pulau Batudaka, one of the main Islands within the Togian cluster. It is surrounded by mangrove, jungle, fine white sandy beaches, and flora and fauna unique to the Wallace line (a division between the New and Old World) about
Manado / Bunaken (Sulawesi) | On The Beach | Price upon request*
Nestled amongst undulating coconut grooves overlooking the tranquil Wori Bay and just minutes away from North Sulawesi's Bunaken National Park, Kima Bajo Resort & Spa is a small upscale boutique resort which offers romance, luxury and every comfort yo
Lembeh Strait (Sulawesi) | On The Beach | From £103*
North Sulawesi's most deluxe option! This place is beautiful - isolated on the east side of the Minahasa peninsular and within a stone's throw of the extraordinary Lembeh Strait, famous for its macro and critter diving.
Sulawesi North (Sulawesi) | On The Beach | Price upon request*
Lembeh Resort is a boutique resort situated on Lembeh Island, just a few minutes by boat from the world famous muck diving sites of the Lembeh Strait. The property is surrounded by lush tropical gardens and blends well into the landscape. 
Manado / Bunaken (Sulawesi) | In Town | Price upon request*
Living Colours Dive Resort, located on Bunaken Island, Manado, North Sulawesi, is a small idyllic resort with a professional dive centre, based on Bunaken Island in the heart of the world famous Bunaken National Marine Park.
Manado / Bunaken (Sulawesi) | On The Beach | From £50*
Located in Kalasey, south of Manado, 30 minutes from the airport and 30 minutes by boat from Bunaken Island, is the new, small, exclusive resort of Mapia. It is set in tropical gardens and located on a white sand beach. It is ideal for complete relaxation
Manado / Bunaken (Sulawesi) | On The Beach | Price upon request*
The Minahasa Lagoon Resort is A charming, boutique, beachfront resort located 45 minutes by car from Manado city, and consists of a number of lovely cottages facing a private beach, fringed by lush jungle.
Manado / Bunaken (Sulawesi) | On The Beach | From £45*
Located on the waterfront facing Bunaken National Park and Manado Tua Island, 45 minutes drive from Manado International Airport, this great little resort is run by the Batuna family, In fact Dr Batuna was really the man behind the discovery of Bunaken Ma
Manado / Bunaken (Sulawesi) | On The Beach | Price upon request*
Onong Resort, just completely renewed, is located on the tiny island of Siladen in the Bunaken Marine Park, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. It has become a base for Marine research as well as being a perfect place for those who are looking for a remote getaway
Bangka Sea (Sulawesi) | On The Beach | Price upon request*
Did you ever want to get away from it all? Leave the rest of the world behind you? If you can do without aircon and luxury, then Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort in North Sulawesi is definitely an option... especially if you want to dive one of the world's mo
Manado / Bunaken (Sulawesi) | On The Beach | Price upon request*
Tasik Ria is an intimate seaside, boutique-style resort with 34 rooms set amongst coconut palms and landscaped gardens, located on Tanawangko Bay on the north west coast of Manado, only 20 kilometres from Bunaken National Park in North Sulawesi.
Sulawesi South (Sulawesi) | On The Beach | Price upon request*
The Diving: Tropical coral reef diving and sea-grass habitat. Steep slopes and walls. Sea mounts, caverns and pristine reef tops. Drift dives and critter hunting. Fresh water caves.
Togian Islands (Sulawesi) | On The Beach | Price upon request*
The Walea Dive Center Resort is located in a private area of the Walea Bahi island. In 1994, the nearby area became a marine park where fishing and docking is forbidden.
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