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Indonesia IS an adventure! you would expect for a country that is the world's largest archipelago straddling the equator, with hundreds of active volcanoes, and playing host to an extraordinary diversity of both wildlife and people.

Amongst Indonesia's approx. 17,500 islands are three of the five largest in the world - Papua, Borneo and Sumatra - each of which have large tracts of primary rainforest and unique and rich ecosystems.

Most of Indonesia remains very rural in nature so mountain biking is a great way to explore villages and the countryside. You can trek across the island of Borneo or hike to visit the Dani tribesmen in the West Papua highlands who still wear little more than a penis gourd for modesty.

You can go white water rafting in Sumatra, Bali or Sulawesi, kayaking... well just about anywhere!

In addition, Indonesia is acknowledged to have some of the best scuba diving in the world with marine biodiversity unmatched anywhere on earth. Combine all of this and Indonesia IS and adventure!

From £895 per person*
This challenging mountain bike ride will take you through the dramatic, volcano-strewn (14 active) island of Flores in Eastern Indonesia.
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At 16,023 feet (4,884 meters), the Carstensz Pyramid -- or Puncak Jaya ("Victory Peak"), as the Indonesians call it -- offers a moderately challenging climb with extremely high success rates.
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The lush, towering, rice terrace-bedecked, volcanic island of Bali is a cyclist's paradise. Climb winding country lanes for spectacular views, visit temple-strewn villages rich in Hindu culture, navigate narrow dirt tracks & trails, snorkel kaleidoscopic reefs and soak on tropical beaches.
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'Amanikan', the 32-metre Phinisi coastal cruiser custom-built for Aman resorts, is ideal for private cruises for one or two couples or a family, combining the romance of spice trade sailing vessels with modern amenities and all the comforts befitting Aman.
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The Indonesian island of Sulawesi is ideal for adventurous cyclists: this is for riders who want the physical challenge of tropical mountains, who are looking for cultural adventure in a traditional Asian society off the beaten track, and who view the unpredictability of travel in a developing country as something to be expected and enjoyed.
From £1413 per person*
Komodo is a World Heritage site best known for its most ancient inhabitant, the infamous Komodo Dragon, however it also boasts one of the world's richest marine environments. Being a National Park, no accommodation is available on the islands so the best way to visit is on a dive cruise.
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