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About Symbiosis Custom Travel

Symbiosis: The relationship between two dissimilar entities that live together in mutual harmony

Symbiosis Custom Travel offers a complete holiday — expedition planning services for people looking for something beyond the normal package tour — particularly those concerned about the impact of tourism on the developing world's highly sensitive environments and cultures.

Just like the Clownfish and the Ritteri Sea Anemone, we endeavour to make tourism something that is truly symbiotic, benefiting all who are touched by it.

What Symbiosis can do for you:

  • Tailor your trip specifically to suit you and your interests and passions, working in close consultation with you
  • Wherever possible and appropriate, Symbiosis will select local partners and resources to ensure that income generated remains within the local destination economy and in the pockets of those who most need it, providing a guilt-free experience for you
  • All travel options that we offer are carefully researched by specialists in the Southeast Asia region
  • Our aim is to provide you with a highly personal and rewarding experience based on a commitment to environmentally sensitive and fair trade tourism

With offices in the UK and in the region we specialise in, Symbiosis provides an in-depth local knowledge that is genuinely sensitive to the local communities and environments second to none.

The service provided by Symbiosis is highly personalised; we like to think of our customers as family for which no demand or aspiration is too great or ambitious to explore. We endeavour to offer life-enhancing experiences to both visitor and host through intimate encounters that will broaden horizons and engender a better understanding and appreciation of each other's way of life.

Symbiosis does not attempt to offer budget travel options, but we do endeavor to give excellent value for both guests and hosts. As such, we are proud of our close relations with our Asian partners and the high number of guests who come back to us time and time again.