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With such beautiful natural environments, finding the ideal place to stay -- one that suits your style, aspirations and budget -- is often key to the perfect holiday. Symbiosis specialises in finding those special places, whether an exclusive, tropical beach resort, a simple hut surrounded by rainforest, or simply the most charming and friendly option when visiting the big city.

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Grand Luang Prabang
The Grand Luang Prabang hotel and resort is situated on grounds of the Xiengkeo Palace which belonged to the famous nationalist hero of Luang Prabang, Prince Phetsarath. He chose this site for tranquility, its stunning views of the mighty Mekong River,


Turtle Bay Resort
Turtle Bay Dive Resort is located on the Moalboal peninsular on the west coast of Cebu Island in the central Philippines. The resort was built by a family of avid divers for divers and vacationers who want to enjoy the peace and beauty of this island par


Layang Layang Island Resort
Layang Layang is an atoll reef, 14 square kilometres in diameter, jutting 2000 metres from the floor of the South China Sea off the north coast of Malaysian Borneo, that has become famous amongst divers for big fish and amazing walls.


Uncle Tan - Wildlife Camps
We would like to remind visitors that the Camp is not exactly the HILTON! Facilities are Spartan in nature. The Camp is situated in a jungle environment. It is in an old river bed by some beautiful ox-bow lakes.

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