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With such beautiful natural environments, finding the ideal place to stay -- one that suits your style, aspirations and budget -- is often key to the perfect holiday. Symbiosis specialises in finding those special places, whether an exclusive, tropical beach resort, a simple hut surrounded by rainforest, or simply the most charming and friendly option when visiting the big city.

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Layang Layang Island Resort
Layang Layang is an atoll reef, 14 square kilometres in diameter, jutting 2000 metres from the floor of the South China Sea off the north coast of Malaysian Borneo, that has become famous amongst divers for big fish and amazing walls.

Papua New Guinea

Karawari Lodge
Karawari Lodge stands majestically on a lone ridge amidst a vast expanse of dense tropical lowland Sepik Basin rainforest which extends beyond the horizon for, what seems like, a thousand miles in every direction.


The Thai House
The Thai House is a traditional Thai house constructed from teakwood in an architectural style that was popular around the Ayutthaya region in central Thailand some 150 years ago. The distinctive wing-shaped roof structure is inspired by the temples.


Angkor Safari Tents
In a country that still has little infrastructure except in the main collecting points of Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville, there can be no better way to explore the Jungle Temples than by taking your own accommodation along with you.

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