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Southeast Asia is the world's largest archipelago. It straddles the equator, sandwiched between two of the world's major oceans and perched precariously along the "Ring of Fire" - the planet's most seismically volatile region. It is a tropical paradise of extreme diversity: dense rainforests, monsoon rivers, birds of paradise, orangutans, elephants and tigers and a tropical hell of snakes, leaches, mosquitoes, spiders and other insidious bugs. True heaven for the adventurer!

Whatever your passion (short of luge or snow skiing) Southeast Asia has it. Cycle through the farmlands, forests and rural villages of Indochina. Kayak the mighty rivers of the Mekong basin. Trek though the jungles of Borneo, visiting Dayak longhouses as you go. White water raft the rapids of Thailand, Sulawesi or the Philippines. Or dive the world's richest tropical reefs in Indonesia and Palau. Southeast Asia is truly an adventure playground.