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Bensbach Lodge

Located in the remote and sparsely populated south-west corner of Papua New Guinea, Bensbach Wildlife Lodge is sits inside the Tonda Wildlife Management Area an area that is in the process of being nominated for World Heritage Listing for its outstanding natural beauty, as well as its importance as a stop over for migratory birds.

Unlike much of the country, there are no towering mountains, but instead, broad and sweeping flood plains teaming with life - deer, wallabies, monitor lizards, crocodiles, cassowaries, sea eagles, pygmy geese and a whole host of other mammals and birds.

The flood plains of the Bensbach River area are an important area for migratory birds on their amazing journey from their northern breeding grounds to their wintering grounds in the Southern Hemisphere. Some of these amazing migratory birds include the Curlew Sandpiper and Ruddy Turnstone, which breed in Arctic Siberia and the Yellow Wagtail, which breeds in Eurasia.

Stands of malaluca (paper bark eucalypts) provide building materials for the local people - while the bark is used as insulation in traditional ovens. Sago and yams are the staples of the Bensbach people - storing their yams for up to six months at a time in yam houses, this seasonal crop is the life blood of the Bensbach people.

This is also barramundi country, and the barramundi of Bensbach are second-to-none. Bensbach Wildlife Lodge Caters for the serious angler as well as those who just want to drop a line into the water for fun.

Previously Bensbach Wildlife Lodge has only been accessible by a full charter, however scheduled flights to Bensbach will now be run on pre-designated dates (roughly once a month). There is no minimum number set for these flights to operate. Charters will still be available from Mt. Hagen, Port Moresby or via Daru from Cairns, Australia. Contact Symbiosis to find out more.

2007 Rates for Bensbach Lodge: approx: AUD546 per person per night, including accommodation, all meals, tours, airport transfers and government taxes.

General Information

  • Name : Bensbach Lodge
  • Destination : NewGuinea
  • Location : Southwest corner of Papua New Guinea close to the West Papua (Indonesia) border)
  • Seasons : Year round
  • Capacity (max no. guests) :


  • Room Types :
  • Showers & toilets : en suite
  • A/C : no
  • Hot Water :

Further Information

  • Electricity : generator, 220v
  • Fire warning system : N/A
  • Fire extinguishers : yes
  • Fire escapes : N/A
  • Entertainment : birdwatching, fishing, wilderness exploration
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