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Kayaking in Palau
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    Palau boasts more than 300 emerald islands set in crystal clear, turquoise lagoons. The below suggested kayak tours provide the perfect medium to explore Palau's hidden network of marine lakes, mangrove channels, marine tunnels, tropical beaches, and marine caverns, all in the serenity of nature. No paddling experience is necessary. All tours begin with paddling instruction and speedboat shuttles to and from the kayak site to maximize the fun and adventure while eliminating long, tiring paddle distances.

    There are a handful variety of day tours through the world-famous rock islands. All of the tours are a well balanced mixed of light paddling through calm waters with a combination of birding, snorkeling, hiking and exploring. The tours are led by naturalist guides, armed with maps, books, specimens, and binoculars to help highlight the treasures of this Micronesian paradise.

    The highest quality kayak equipment will be offered where available. You will have the freedom of choosing single or double Perception sea kayaks. These open-top sea kayaks are equipped with dry storage hatches, thigh straps, and incredibly comfortable seats for full-back support. Lightweight paddles are provided, which are perfect for novice or professional paddlers.

    Kayak trip samples:

    Nikko Bay Tour - This is an excellent tour for kids and adventurers. This well-sheltered bay holds pristine coral gardens with world-class snorkeling, hidden marine caves full of geologic wonders, and forgotten WWII bunkers and artifacts. When the tides are just right you will be able to sneak through a marine tunnel into a normally inaccessible world called Disney Lake. A series of cliff jumps into blue waters adds some adrenaline to the day.

    Risong Bay Tour - Paddle to a geologic miracle that is called the Tarzan Cave, as well as a visit to an ancient Palauan village site and some down time on tropical sandy beaches. Slipping into Risong Bay offers a look at the inner lagoon nurseries for baby sharks and tropical fish. The finale of the day is a visit to a turquoise oasis called Mandarin Fish Lake, which boasts stunning corals and the only salt-water waterfall in Palau.

    Long Lake Tour - This tour is a naturalist's dream come true. The tour begins with a gentle ride along tidal currents through a crystal clear mangrove forest. This effortless journey through exotic plants and mysterious sounds eventually leads you into the best birding experience in Palau, Long Lake. This long saltwater lake is a tranquil habitat for nesting birds, baby eagle rays, turtles and giant clams. This experience combines with visits to Megapod beach, Secret Lake and the unbelievable waters of the Milky Way.

    The Tarzan Tour - This exotic tour was specially choreographed for extreme adventurers. Rope swings, cavern free dives and marine tunnels ensure an action-filled day. As with many of other tours this adventure highlights personal discoveries in the rock islands that are visited by few others. Paddle and snorkel through marine tunnels into the unrecorded treasures of Lost and Tarzan Lakes. The Blue Room is a crystal filled series of air chambers hidden in the heart of a rock island and accessible with a healthy free dive or optional pony bottle.

    Ulong Island Tour - Ulong island is home to some of the most pristine tropical beaches and stunning water colors in the world. This beautiful tour offers a great mix of birding and snorkeling mixed with some great adventures. Hundreds of years ago the island was home to the rock island Palauans. Today, you can climb to ancient pictographs, defensive stone walls and forgotten Yapese stone money. A secluded tunnel entrance leads you into Jurassic Lake where you'll encounter creatures forgotten by time.

    German Lighthouse Tour - The best mixture of land and sea time, the Lighthouse tour is a combination of calm water paddling and canopy-covered hiking through the rock islands. The tour includes exploration of the Fantasy Lake for wonders of natural history before paddling to a natural lagoon to begin a jungle hike. This forested walk follows a path constructed by the Japanese during WWII and will lead you to forgotten relics from the war such as secretive bunkers, massive cannons, and the rock island headquarters filled with relics. Along with other hidden treasures this exploration is guaranteed to satiate the WWII enthusiasts. Your reward at the top of the island is a century old coral built lighthouse constructed during the German occupation. The lookout from the top gives you a birds-eye view of most of the archipelago. The day's finale is a search for your elusive sea cows or dugongs via kayak and snorkel.

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