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Micronesia Diving

Micronesia is the collective name given for two thousand tiny tropical islands scattered over more than three million square miles of the Pacific Ocean.

The islands lies North of the Equator in the Western Pacific. The distance from one end of Micronesia to the other is 2,040 nautical miles. Micronesia is not a single country. It is a loose collection of different countries that all once formed part of the U.S. Trust Territory of Micronesia.

The eight island groups that form Micronesia are Guam, the Republic of Palau (Belau), the Marianas, Ponhpei, Yap Island, Truk Island(Chuuk), the Marshalls and Kosrae -- each unique group with its own culture, language, history and stunning tropical attractions. These islands and atolls are the result of volcanic activity which took place millions of years ago. Many of these islands are the summits of huge underwater mountains or the rims of sunken volcano craters peaking over the water surface to surround tropical lagoons.

Not only are Micronesia's island spread out over a great distance but each island group also has it's own culture and character where their traditional lifestyles still prosper to varying degrees.

Almost as dramatic as its natural features is Micronesia's history of colonial occupation and the WW2 activities where the region was the venue of many fierce encounters that are a constant, and now a colourful reminder, of its past. It is this combination of natural events, local culture and man-made conflicts that makes Micronesia one of the world's most unique and sought after diving destinations, as what this region lacks in land mass it makes up for in the water.

Throughout Micronesia divers can encounter an abundance of marine life in just about every imaginable colour and shape. The seas are inhabited by hundreds of types of hard and soft corals, anemones, colourful sponges, countless varieties of shellfish, manta rays and pelagics.

Divers worldwide are drawn to the Palau's terrific drop-offs, the beauty of the Rock Islands, the underwater wreck museums of Chuuk, and to Yap, the home of the giant manta rays.

Palau, Guam, Yap and Chuuk are the better known destinations within Micronesia, each with long established dive operations offering unique diving opportunities. Other islands such as Kosrae and Pohnpei are following suit and offer great diving among lush tropical island settings.