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North Sulawesi Dive Cruises
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North Sulawesi abounds with The area around Manado, North Sulawesi, is already well known as one of Indonesia’s top diving locations, most famously the Bunaken Marine Park on the west of the peninsular, and the Lembeh Strait on the east, renowned as the world’s top muck diving spot. Both are easily dived from a base on land.

However, to explore more remotely while still enjoying these top dive spots, a liveaboard could be the way to go… in particular to be able to visit the string of islands leading northwards from Sulawesi’s tip, the Sangihe Talaud archipelago. Add the lesser known but still spectacular dive spots around the Bangka Island on the northern tip of the mainland, and you can take in all of the best that North Sulawesi has to offer.

The topside scenery is dramatic with jungle clad mountains and volcanoes dominating the landscape. Unlike much of Indonesia, Northern Sulawesi’s inhabitants are devout Protestant Christians and a pleasant sense of calm and peacefulness prevails.

Lembeh Strait
The channel separating Lembeh Island from the mainland offers an immense variety of marine life and has become the destination of choice for underwater photographers in search of unique macro subjects: wasp fish, weedy/lacy scorpion fish, pygmy seahorses, mimic octopus, frog fish and nudibranchs to name but a few.

Bunaken & Bangka
Divers joining a dive cruise will also spend time enjoying the world-class diving around Bunaken National Marine Park as well as Bangka Island. Here divers will encounter spectacular walls and reefs of hard and soft corals, an underwater environment that has enchanted divers from all over the globe.

Sangihe Talaud
Then journey further north to a chain of volcanic islands, the Sangihe Talaud Archipelago: dozens of islands, some of which are over fifteen hundred metres high and densely covered by coconut palms. This area has some of the deepest and clearest water on the planet. Some of the highlights include an underwater lava flow, a natural hot spring jacuzzi and a dive at Mahangatang, an underwater volcano which releases silver bubbles into the sea, an unforgettable sight.

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