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Indonesia Dive Packages

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Celebes Divers Packages

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  • Mapia Resort
  • Onong Resort, Bunaken

The basic Celebes Divers package at either Mapia or Onong Resort for guided dives is a 5 day package, including 2 (or 3) boat dives/day plus one night dive (within the 5 days). Shorter or longer packages can be arranged individually.

The daily dive program includes:

Start in the morning at the Resort marina. Boats are loaded by Celebes Divers staff, you have only to show-up! Transfer to the dive sites at Bunaken Islands normally takes about 45 minutes from Mapia Resort.

Boats are large enough for sunbathing and the sea is normally calm. With some luck you can see whales and dolphins.

Guided dives are carried out in small homogeneous groups. The divemasters do their best to respect your needs: beginners are never encouraged to exceed their limits, expert divers can enjoy deeper dives without compromising on safety.

Being photographers themselves, Celebes Divers give special attention to underwater photographers. Many of the guides have a special eye for small critters.

Lunch is served on Siladen Island at at Onong Resort.

Back at Mapia, Celebes Dive staff take care of the equipment. Guests only need to take care of their 5 o'clock tea and relaxation!

Wonderful shore dives are always possible, in the afternoon or at night, to look for the critters crawling on the volcanic bottom at the Mapia House Reef or beautiful basket stars at Onong House Reef.


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