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North Maluku & East Sulawesi Dive Cruises
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Amongst of the newest frontiers for adventurous divers in Indonesia are the many islands of the Laut Maluku - the Maluku Sea - that lies between Sulawesi’s northern peninsular and the now famous dive sites of Raja Ampat on West Papua’s Birdshead Peninsular.

The main diving areas are around largest island of the group, Halmahera, sometimes referred to as the Spider Island due to its shape, located to the east of the Northern Sulawesi Peninsular.

Routes vary depending on the boats, but a typical North Maluku dive cruise can start or end in Ternate, the main city in Halmahera, or from  either North Sulawesi, Ambon in the southern Maluku, or Sorong in West Papua to the east. The latter with typically include dives at the world famous Raja Ampat group of islands, while a Sulwesi visit can include the critter heaven of the Lembeh Strait and the Bunaken Marine Park.

North Maluku is a macro paradise but also offers regular encounters with pelagics.  These rarely visited seas can claim some of the world’s richest marine environments, filled with unspoiled corals, tiny critters as well as pelagics. If bizarre and rare creatures are what appeal to you, it is a well-kept secret that dives in the waters around Maluku outshine many of the world’s most famous destinations in terms of the odd and amazing. Maluku’s seas can be considered one of the world’s premier muck capitals with plenty of strange creatures just waiting to be captured by your camera.

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