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Papua New Guinea Birdwatching

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Walindi Birdwatching

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  • Walindi Plantation

A bird-watching tour to Papua New Guinea is not complete without a visit to the Bismarck Archipelago. This geological hot spot holds many endemic species and contributes significantly to the bird diversity of the New Guinea region.

Walindi Plantation Resort commenced operations in 1983 and has extensive experience in the bird-watching business. Walindi offers the best location for exploring the north coast of New Britain and the Bismarck Sea with comfort.

Tours are offered to nearby rainforests and small islets in Kimbe Bay for a host of exotic Bismarck and New Britain endemics. Exciting species include the Heinroth's Shearwater, Nicobar Pigeon, Blue-Eyed Cockatoo, twenty pigeons and doves, nine kingfishers including the Black-Headed Paradise-Kingfisher and a host of little known passerines.

In addition, the 25m MV FeBrina is available for extended trips in search of extremely rare pelagic seabirds, such as Beck's Petrel, Tahiti Petrel, Japanese Storm and Arctic Petrels, most Shearwaters including Heinroths's, Tropic Birds and occasionally Fiji Petrels. Land excursions are also available from the boat.

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