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Luang Say Lodge

On the left bank of the river in the village of Pak Beng, the Luang Say Lodge is backed by mountainous jungle. The large pavilions of solid teak and rosewood all have beautiful vistas looking out over the Mekong river and the mountains beyond. The traditional Laotian architecture provides accommodation of comfort and character, each bedroom equipped with high ceiling mosquito nets, electric fans and a large private bathroom with hot shower and western style toilet.

The Luang Say Lodge sits majestically above the Mekong River, blending artfully into the natural environment through careful landscaping, raised platforms and indigenous styling. It features 17 large pavilions, each elegantly furnished in dark toned wood and white fabrics, and offering stunning views on three sides of the Mekong.

A central riverbank restaurant is reached by wooden walkways from the pavilions. Here you will enjoy fine, mainly organic, food and can order a choice of drinks from the well stocked bar.

On days with passengers exceeding 20 people, an ethnic minority dance performance will be held in the restaurant area. The performers are a mixture of our Luang Say Lodge staff, local villagers and school children.


1. LuangSay Lodge has hired a dance teacher to teach Khamu and Hmong people tribal dancing, and dances are now performed regularly for Luang Say guests. The Lodge also supports the financing of local musical instruments. Dancers and musicians are now able to earn their living without sacrificing their culture and traditions, as LuangSay was able to revive these old traditions for them which had been lost from the Pakbeng area.

2. Our LuangSay Cruises stop in local Mekong riverside villages on each day or the cruise, supporting the local communities by buying their handicrafts. Luaang Say also helps the village schools and temples with donations, and aids the villagers to clear litter and other debris from their paths.

3. Pakbeng has no proper water supply system or sewerage system in place, everything from the guesthouses tends to get put straight into the Mekong River. The LuangSay Lodgel however, has installed its own sewerage system to prevent this happening, and has built its own water supply from mountain streams, adding additional pipes so that local villages in the area can use the same water system.

4. All bottles, cans and plastics that are used at the Lodge are recycled.

5. Many of the vegetables at the LuangSay Lodge are organically grown in the lodge's own garden, using fertiliser from its own compost bin.

6. The opening of the Lodge gave employment to 37 villagers and tribal people and wages earned at the Lodge are three to four hundred percent higher than the local standard. Villagers around the Lodge are encouraged to grow fruits and vegetables and raise livestock, and their produce is purchased by the Lodge.

7. In Ban Houay Xeng Kham village, a very poor Khamu village close to the Lodge, Luang Say has helped to build a small school and supply the school with books to help the children with their education.

8. The riverbank across from the LuangSay Lodge has been denuded by logging. Luang Say is presently applying for permission from the Sayabouli Province officials to replant teak trees on this land.

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