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Liveaboard Diving Truk Lagoon
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The excitement of diving in Truk (Chuuk) is you get to see the final resting place for more than 100 ships, planes and submarines - the legacy of a fierce World War II battle between the Imperial Japanese Fleet and Allied carrier planes. It has been declared an underwater museum. Souvenir taking of relics from the area is prohibited by law.

The majority of the wrecks lie off DubIon, Eten, Fefan and Uman Islands and represent the largest naval loss in history. Their cargoes of tanks, trucks, airplanes, mines, bombs, machine gun bullets and thousands of other artifacts including beautiful china are there still to be explored.

The warm, tropical waters and prolific marine life has transformed the wrecks into artificial reefs and beautiful coral gardens. The main island of Weno (formerly Moen) is the capital and commercial center. For the best views of the lagoon, climb the old Sapuk Lighthouse, built during the Japanese occupation.

Nowhere else in the world are there so many wrecks in close proximity, situated in shallow clear water. Many of the wrecks are visible while snorkeling and there are many on-shore wartime locations to visit.

There are many fascinating and historic sites to visit in and around Truk (Chuuk). Snorkel or scuba diving in this maritime museum, spend the night on a small island, go on a fishing expedition with experienced local guides, or simply relax on a sandy beach or rent a kayak to get a view of life in Truk (Chuuk).

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