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Spice Islands Dive Cruises
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The Spice Islands, famous for their cloves, nutmeg and stories about Buginese pirates, offers diving encounters of extraordinary diversity. Within the intense blue of the Banda Sea, steep pinnacles raise from the ocean floor creating islands that harbour emerald-green lagoons filled with sand produced by the erosion of corals (coral cays) colonised by a rich vegetation.

The distinctive feature is the crowding marine life found around the pinnacles rising almost vertically from abyssal depths: Gunung Api, Lucipara, Bandaneira are all coral formations decorating the top of volcanoes. Each one has its own features and phenomena, like the extraordinary crowd of sea snakes.

Unlike other areas, with high populations and subsequent pressure from fishing, the Bandas' relatively small human population has been a blessing for divers - offering a vibrant, healthy reef system with fish life in incredible numbers along with huge gorgonians and sponges and some truly monumental hard corals.

Diving in the Spice Islands, expect plenty of pelagics, widespread muck diving and unexplored coral gardens, as well as a rich colonial heritage on land.

Cruises that take in the Banda Sea, often start or end at the famous port of Ambon, offering the chance to dive with the unusual critters of Ambon Bay. Other pass through sizing between Sorong in West Papua and Bitung or Manado in North Sulawesi, offering diving in the famous sites of Raja Ampat and/or the Lembeh Strait, respectively.

Departure Schedule

Apr 22, 201815Mermaid£4140MMI: Biodiversity Special - Raja Ampat, Banda Sea, Alor, Flores - 1 budget berth leftEnquire
Nov 15, 201815Mermaid£4140MMI: Biodiversity Special - Flores, Alor, Banda Sea, Raja AmpatEnquire
Nov 26, 201815Mermaid£3960MMII: Flores~Alor~Banda Sea~Raja AmpatEnquire
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