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Raja Ampat & The Birdshead Peninsular Dive Cruises
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  • Aurora
  • Damai
  • Euphoria
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  • Mermaid I
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  • Pearl of Papua
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  • Raja Ampat Agressor
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  • Sea Safari 8
  • Seahorse
  • Shakti
  • Tambora
  • Temukira

The Raja Ampat island group in Indonesia's West Papua province is known for its incredible biodiversity but yet still remains unspoiled by tourism. By joining a liveaboard dive cruise, you can be one of the first to visit this beautiful island group and experience genuinely pristine environments both below and above the water.

Whether your preference is for macro photography or for action packed big fish diving you will not be disappointed. The larger species you are likely to encounter include giant Mantas, Mobula rays (often in large numbers), large schools of Barracuda, Jacks, Mackeral, as well as Wobbegong sharks, Tawny sharks and many others. Macro enthusiasts can see Blue Ringed Octopus, Mimic Octopus, numerous types of Pygmy Seahorse, Ghost Pipefish, Frogfish, Mandarin fish and a huge variety of strange and wonderful molluscs and crustaceans.

A biodiversity survey conducted by “Conservation International”, suggests that "due to it's location near the heart of the coral triangle coupled with an amazing diversity of marine habitats, the area is potentially the world's richest in terms of marine biodiversity" - Mc Kenna, Allen and Suryadi (April 2002). The findings of this project showed more species diversity than any other area previously surveyed worldwide. A similar survey was repeated the following year by a different independent NGO, The Nature Conservancy, which also concluded that Raja Ampat has the highest biodiversity of both fish, and coral species. To date, there are a known total of 970 fish species, 565 hard coral species and 699 species of molluscs.

Above the surface, the Raja Ampat islands offer some of the most beautiful and dramatic island scenery to be found anywhere. Shakti's itineraries offer a chance to see completely untouched rainforest and mangrove environments as well as dramatic karst limestone island groups. These forests are home to some of the world’s rarest and most exotic bird species which include various types of Parrots, Cockatoos and the famous Birds of Paradise.

Truly frontier diving a very few years ago, there is now a broad choice of liveaboard dive boats to choose from operating in and around Raja Ampat, Misool and the Birdshead peninsular of West Papua Province, Indonesia. Amongst these is a fleet of traditional-style “pinisi” (pronounced finisi) sailing schooners hailing from the great Bugis boat builders of Southern Sulawesi, some of which are furnished to almost opulent levels of comfort.

Cruises typically range from ten days to two weeks in duration, but longer cruises can be found. Many boats are available for charter if you ask long enough in advance of the sailing season.

We list some of our favourite operators here, but if you can’t find a schedule to fit your needs, please ask as this is not an exhaustive list.

Details of the scheduled cruises can be found in the timetable below, while descriptions of the vessels are found via links on the right hand side. Some of the boats not featured below may be available for charter only.

Please check the Deals4Divers blog to see if there are any current great deals going for liveaboards in Raja Ampat. You can also follow Deals4Divers on Twitter or Facebook.



All visitors to Raja Ampat are required by law to purchase an entrance tag. Tags cost Rp 500,000. and are valid for one year. All proceeds are administered by Conservation International for management of Raja Ampat's marine protected areas.

Departure Schedule

Sep 24, 201712Tambora£3313South Raja Ampat, Halmahera, Bacan, GoraiciEnquire
Sep 25, 201710Temukira£2540Raja AmpatEnquire
Oct 4, 201711Euphoria£2833Raja AmpatEnquire
Oct 5, 201714Siren£5142Flores ~ Raja AmpatEnquire
Oct 6, 201710Temukira£2540Misool ~ Raja AmpatEnquire
Oct 10, 201711Tambora£3145South Raja Ampat, Seram, Banda, AmbonEnquire
Oct 18, 201710Temukira£2540Misool ~ Raja AmpatEnquire
Oct 20, 201711Euphoria£2833Raja AmpatEnquire
Oct 31, 201710Temukira£2540Misool ~ Raja AmpatEnquire
Nov 5, 201711Euphoria£2833Raja AmpatEnquire
Nov 12, 201711Amira£3542Enquire
Nov 13, 201710Temukira£2540Misool ~ Raja AmpatEnquire
Nov 18, 201711Ondina£2880Ambon, South Maluku & Raja Ampat Enquire
Nov 21, 201711Euphoria£2833Raja AmpatEnquire
Nov 25, 20179Temukira£2286Misool ~ Raja AmpatEnquire
Nov 25, 201711Amira£3542Enquire
Nov 25, 201715Mermaid II£3777Biodiversity Special: Maumere~Alor~Banda Sea~Raja AmpatEnquire
Dec 2, 20179Ondina£2357Raja AmpatEnquire
Dec 3, 20179Mermaid I£2833Raja AmpatEnquire
Dec 6, 201710Temukira£2540Misool ~ Raja AmpatEnquire
Dec 7, 201710Siren£3992Enquire
Dec 7, 201711Euphoria£2833Raja AmpatEnquire
Dec 8, 201711Amira£3542Enquire
Dec 12, 201710Arenui£4222Raja AmpatEnquire
Dec 13, 20178Mermaid II£2404Raja Ampat ~ Banda Sea ~ AmbonEnquire
Dec 13, 20179Mermaid I£2833Raja AmpatEnquire
Dec 14, 20179Ondina£2357Raja AmpatEnquire
Dec 18, 201710Siren£3992Enquire
Dec 19, 201710Temukira£2540Misool ~ Raja AmpatEnquire
Dec 21, 201712Tambora£3503South Raja Ampat, Fak Fak, Triton BayEnquire
Dec 22, 20178Mermaid II£2404Christmas in Raja AmpatEnquire
Dec 22, 201711Amira£3542Enquire
Dec 23, 20179Mermaid I£2833Christmas in Raja AmpatEnquire
Dec 23, 201711Euphoria£2833Raja AmpatEnquire
Dec 24, 201713Arenui£5488Raja AmpatEnquire
Dec 26, 20179Ondina£2357Raja AmpatEnquire
Dec 31, 20178Mermaid II£2404New Year in Raja AmpatEnquire
Dec 31, 201710Temukira£2540Misool ~ Raja AmpatEnquire
Jan 2, 20189Mermaid I£2833Raja AmpatEnquire
Jan 4, 201812Tambora£3413South & Central Raja AmpatEnquire
Jan 7, 20186Amira£2628Raja Ampat NorthEnquire
Jan 8, 201813Arenui£5674Greater raja AmpatEnquire
Jan 9, 20188Mermaid II£2404Raja AmpatEnquire
Jan 12, 20189Mermaid I£2833Raja AmpatEnquire
Jan 14, 20188Amira£2628Raja Ampat NorthEnquire
Jan 18, 20188Mermaid II£2404Raja AmpatEnquire
Jan 19, 20188Tambora£2340South & Central Raja AmpatEnquire
Jan 22, 201811Mermaid I£3520Raja Ampat~Halmahera~LembehEnquire
Jan 23, 201811Arenui£4801Raja AmpatEnquire
Jan 24, 201811Amira£3613Enquire
Jan 27, 20188Mermaid II£2404Raja AmpatEnquire
Jan 30, 201811Tambora£3145South & Central Raja AmpatEnquire
Feb 3, 201811Mermaid I£3520Lembeh~Halmahera~Raja AmpatEnquire
Feb 4, 20189Mermaid II£2404Raja AmpatEnquire
Feb 5, 201811Arenui£4801Raja AmpatEnquire
Feb 6, 201812Amira£3770Cenderawasih BayEnquire
Feb 13, 201811Tambora£3145South & Central Raja AmpatEnquire
Feb 14, 201811Mermaid II£3520Raja Ampat~Banda Sea~AmbonEnquire
Feb 18, 201812Arenui£5238Raja AmpatEnquire
Feb 20, 201811Amira£3456Cenderawasih BayEnquire
Feb 25, 20189Mermaid I£2833Raja AmpatEnquire
Feb 26, 201811Mermaid II£3520Ambon~Banda Sea~Raja AmpatEnquire
Feb 27, 201811Tambora£3145South & Central Raja AmpatEnquire
Mar 3, 201810Arenui£4365Raja AmpatEnquire
Mar 5, 201813Amira£4084Cenderawasih BayEnquire
Mar 7, 20189Mermaid I£2833Raja AmpatEnquire
Mar 10, 20188Mermaid II£2404Raja AmpatEnquire
Mar 13, 201812Tambora£3413South Raja Ampat, Fak Fak, Triton BayEnquire
Mar 15, 201813Arenui£5674Greater Raja AmpatEnquire
Mar 17, 201811Mermaid I£3520Raja Ampat~Banda Sea!~AmbonEnquire
Mar 20, 20188Mermaid II£2404Raja AmpatEnquire
Mar 20, 201812Amira£3770Raja Ampat NorthEnquire
Mar 29, 20188Mermaid II£2404Raja Ampat: On HoldEnquire
Mar 29, 201811Mermaid I£3520Ambon~Banda Sea~Raja AmpatEnquire
Mar 30, 201813Arenui£5674Maluku-Banda-Raja AmpatEnquire
Apr 3, 201811Amira£3456Misool & HalmaheraEnquire
Apr 10, 20189Mermaid I£2833Raja AmpatEnquire
Apr 11, 201812Tambora£3413South Raja Ampat, Fak Fak, Triton BayEnquire
Apr 16, 20188Mermaid II£2404Raja AmpatEnquire
Apr 22, 201815Mermaid I£3949Biodiversity Special: RA, Banda, Alor, Maumere - 1 budget space remainingEnquire
Apr 26, 201812Tambora£3313South Raj Ampat, Halmahera, Bacan, GoraiciEnquire
May 25, 201812Tambora£33134630Enquire
Jun 9, 20189Tambora£2530North & Central Raja AmpatEnquire
Jun 21, 20189Tambora£2530North & Central Raja AmpatEnquire
Jul 3, 20189Tambora£2530North & Central Raja AmpatEnquire
Jul 15, 20189Tambora£2530North & Central Raja AmpatEnquire
Jul 27, 20189Tambora£2530North & Central Raja AmpatEnquire
Aug 8, 20189Tambora£2530North & Central Raja AmpatEnquire
Sep 26, 201811Tambora£3052South Raja Ampat, Halmahera, Bacan, GoraiciEnquire
Oct 16, 201811Amira£3613Enquire
Oct 29, 201811Amira£3613Enquire
Oct 30, 201813Arenui£5674Maluku-Banda-Raja AmpatEnquire
Nov 11, 201814Amira£4398Raja Ampat TotalEnquire
Nov 14, 201811Arenui£4801Raja AmpatEnquire
Nov 15, 201815Mermaid I£3949Biodiversity Special: Maumere, Alor, Banda, Raja AmpatEnquire
Nov 26, 201815Mermaid II£3777Biodiversity Special: Maumere~Alor~Banda Sea~Raja AmpatEnquire
Nov 27, 201811Arenui£4801Raja AmpatEnquire
Nov 27, 201811Amira£3613Enquire
Dec 8, 201812Tambora£3503South Raja Ampat, Fak Fak, Triton BayEnquire
Dec 10, 201811Arenui£4801Raja AmpatEnquire
Dec 10, 201811Amira£3613Enquire
Dec 13, 20188Mermaid II£2404Raja AmpatEnquire
Dec 13, 20189Mermaid I£2833Raja AmpatEnquire
Dec 22, 20188Mermaid II£2404Raja AmpatEnquire
Dec 22, 201812Tambora£3503South & Central Raja AmpatEnquire
Dec 23, 20189Mermaid I£2833Raja AmpatEnquire
Dec 23, 201811Amira£3613Enquire
Dec 23, 201813Arenui£5674Greater Raja AmpatEnquire
Dec 31, 20188Mermaid II£2404Raja AmpatEnquire
Jan 8, 201911Tambora£3070Raja AmpatEnquire
Jan 22, 201911Tambora£3070Raja AmpatEnquire
Feb 5, 201912Tambora£3349Raja AmpatEnquire
Feb 20, 201911Tambora£3070Raja AmpatEnquire
Mar 6, 201911Tambora£3070Raja AmpatEnquire
Mar 20, 201911Tambora£3070Raja AmpatEnquire
Apr 3, 201911Tambora£3070Raja AmpatEnquire
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